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Ante Trstenjak gallery

Exhibition: Revitalization of Light

Revitalization = bringing the abandoned to life, reviving the forgotten, returning meaning to the basic. Light = a wave, the spectrum of which determines the colors and shapes of the entire visible world.

"Revitalization of Light": Since the main feature of painting is expression with color, the definition of the title is and is not self-evident. Namely: prehistoric man first expressed himself artistically with the colors of the earth, after which, over time, in the era of the first great civilizations, a wide artistic color palette was used. The need to express the felt, the inner, the desire for pleasure while watching the depicted colorful subtlety of being, continued to grow in people. After thousands of years, we have reached a kind of Renaissance artistic peak, but after that, in Western civilizations the content and style rich in painting continues to develop - theorists write about the sensual, spiritual and intellectual need for color, painting…Then, as early as the nineteenth century, theses began to appear that painting was dead, that everything had already been painted in the best possible way…Thus, as a result, through questioning and searching for new possibilities of expression in painting, we came to a time when the main feature of painting, which is expression with color, it is no longer (was). The painter deals with the concept of the very basic element of expression or material indefinitely, even without the basic artistic elements, or he (was) tackles the search for the artistic in physical or mechanical phenomena.

Through the interpretation of the chronology of painting and the inevitable, not self-evident definition of this process, we have thus deciphered the meaning of the title of the exhibition "Revitalization of light": painting, which is again expression with color (= light), again celebrates form perfection and expressive values…


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