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320 EUR
780 EUR



500 EUR
650 EUR
560 EUR
780 EUR
420 EUR
500 EUR
540 EUR
620 EUR
640 EUR
780 EUR

Reservation: with payment.
You will receive a written confirmation of payment and thus a reservation after receiving payment, by e-mail (send e-mail and delivery address to
Price: price of the painting plus 80 EUR per package for delivery costs (maximum of two paintings are packed in one package).
Receipt of the painting: by post, after the end of the exhibition (September 15 plus the number of days of delivery service) (delivery address send to e-mail:
Method of payment: by bank transfer:
Account holder: Bostjan Plesnicar, Puhova 9, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

IBAN: SI56 02010- 2818277833

BIC- SWIFT: LJBASI2X (Bank: Nova Ljubljanska banka d.d., Trg republike 2, 1520 Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Price: price of the painting plus 80 EUR (per package for delivery costs)

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